As more and more celebrities today are choosing the MMS clip way to easy success, perhaps bollywood industry too, doesn't want to stay far behind. Thus perhaps Katrina Kaif's sister Isabelle Kaif new MMS Scandel rocks the Internet very recently. Isabel, a young starlet from the United Kingdom, is a hot Indian babe hell bent upon gatecrashing into Bollywood. And she is getting help from Bollywood heavy hitters like Salman Khan and her sister Katrina. But why is Salman Khan equally bent upon helping her out? It would be natural for anyone maybe, not only for Salman, to have a sexy young thing especially if she has a striking resemblance to his steady girlfriend Katrina Kaif. But what will a s3x tape scandal do to their plans to usurp Isabel Kaif pass other young starlets into the highest level of Bollywood stardom?

Here is some censored screenshots of a stunning homemade s*x tape of a hot chick who people are saying is Isabel Kaif. And she does look a lot like the sister of famous and super beautiful Bollywood actress/model Katrina Kaif. In the video she is clearly seen having intimate relations with an unknown man for over 10 minutes. But others say it is probably a lookalike of Isabel Kaif, younger sibling of Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif. This video came out from UK some time ago. People are now saying that this is Isabel Kaif who recently became known for her upcoming Bollywood movies. Reportedly some people realized her from this home made s3x video that began to circulated on the Internet December 2008 under the heading "Katrina's Sis Isabel Kaif s3x scandal."

Katrina Kaif has been grooming her younger sister Isabel Kaif for the showbiz life in India and wanted to ensure that her younger sis Isabel gets a grand launch. But certainly not this grand with what is Bollywoods first A-list s3x tape. A close friend of Kaif sisters has revealed that elder sister is sharing her experiences and is guiding what to do and what not to right from diet to workout to outfits to parties etc. In Apirl 2008 everyone in Bollywood was asking who was Isabel and by December rumors of a s3x video was circulating. I will let you guys decide whether or not it's her...
And finally some scensored screenshots from the leaked clip...
Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel Kaif is been in the internet searches for a while now, reportedly she is seen in MMS video.
The video was initialy circulated in Canada and was available to be seen and downloaded across in the internet.
In fact people thought it was Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in the video, and now it is rumored that it is Katrina’s sister Isabel in the video.
It was rimored that Isabel Kaif was to act in Salman Khan’s ‘Veer’.
A source close to the Khans says, ‘Truthfully, it was quite shocking for the Khans to digest the fact that it was indeed Isabel in the video. She was being groomed by both Salman and Katrina for her debut and Kat had even begun to take her sister along to several events in the city to familiarise her with the industry. Katrina had even enrolled Isabel in the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York – an institute that has produced numerous acting talents in Hollywood”

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