Here is a look at Bollywood' s wardrobe malfunctions. The case of wardrobe malfunctions of Amrita RaoKatrina KaifUrvashi Sharma have been reported but they have not actually been shown. Here are wardrobe of actresses in Bollywood that have been witnessed in public in some form or the other. WARNING: SOME OF THEM NEED  YOU TO HAVE HAWK EYES OR A ZOOM FEATURE IN YOUR PC SOFTWARE

1. Madhuri Dixit wardrobe malfunction: One of the oldest movies of Madhuri Dixit had her swaying in a dress, and her skirt went up to show her mentionable in the undies. Here is more on Madhuri Dixit's wardrobe malfunction

2. Celina Jaitley wardrobe malfunction: Celina Jaitley's wardrobe malfunction made news couple of years ago when she came to a function with a dress that forced her ample breasts threatening to revolt. In fact, the exposure was more than intended as Celina ended up exposing something more than intended. But then Celina Jaitley struts her babies her elan, and we have no grouse because the twins are two of the most beautiful things our eyes will ever see. But what was even more nastier was Celina Jaitley's wardrobe malfunction in one movie in which her hair was visible(u know which hair we are talking about)Smiley

3.Malaika Arora wardrobe malfunction: Malaika Arora's wardrobe malfunction in the recent Lakme Fashion week had not many people taking up note, but boss, it was there. Watch closely and you will see something peeping outSmiley

4.Deepika Padukone wardrobe malfunction: Deepika Padukone revealed something more than neccessaryaccidentally during one of her modelling stints.Smiley

5.Deepal Shaw wardrobe malfunction: Deepal Shaw's pose: or sheer unintended expose?

6.Sherlyn Chopra's wardrobe malfunction: Sherlyn Chopra's better half popped out during a photoshoot sesssion

7. Kangana Ranaut wardrobe malfunction: Kangana Ranaut's white chaddi has been seen quite a time in many functions. Here is more on Kangana Ranaut's wardrobe malfunction

8. Sonali Kulkarni's wardrobe malfunction: Dont know it is deliberate or by mistake, but Sonali Kulkarni is the unofficial wardrobe malfunction queen. Check out moreSonali Kulkarni's wardrobe malfunction picturesSmiley

9.Nauheed Cyrusi: Nauheed Cyrusi's braless saree was the media's favorite catch in Ayesha Takia's wedding. It wasnt wardrobe malfunction typically unless Nauheed forgot to wear a bra

10. Neha Dhupia's wardrobe malfunction: Neha Dhupia's nipple slip at one of the posters of her movie Utthan made brief rounds of news. But with the film flop, people forgot about Neha Dhupia's wardrobe malfunction

11. Raima Sen's wardrobe malfunction: Raima Sen's wardrobe malfunction was evident in a photoshoot...Be careful, girl!

12. Poonam Jhawar wardrobe malfunction: Poonam Jhawar is a bold seductress, we all know but then sometimes, she forgets that she is giving quite an eyefulSmiley

13. Dimple Kapadia wardrobe malfunction: Among all Bollywood wardrobe malfunction, Dimple Kapadia's unfortunate disrobing was the first that strikes public imagination. It was a scene from the film Sagar

14.Tanushree Dutta wardrobe malfunction: Tanushree's very first scene in the film Aashiq Banaya Apne bending too much with more than generous view of her assets.

15. Antara Mali's wardrobe malfunction: This is not exactly a Bollywood wardrobe malfunction, but Antara Mali spilled out of her dress (to put it politely) in this songfrom a Telegu film, Revali.

16. Anjala Zaveri wardrobe malfunction: Just like Antara Mali, Anjala Zaveri, Bollywood actress experienced wardrobe malfunction in a stage show in the South

17. Riya Sen wardrobe malfunction: Riya Sen cannot fit in the classic wardrobe malfunction, but she was caught with her zip open. Naughty..naughtySmiley

18. Tanisha wardrobe malfunction: Tanisha Mukherjee experienced wardrobe malfunction that she didnt know, after all her dress got stuck in her bums.Smiley

19. Rani Mukherjee wardrobe malfunction: Rani Mukherjee experienced what some people think is a wardrobe malfunction in one of her older films

20. Katrina Kaif wardrobe malfunction; Don't know whether this was part of the script or not, but Katrina Kaif's forgettable movie Boom had her exposing in a way, that she would never like.

21. Mallika Sherawat wardrobe malfunction: Mallika Sherawat's rear showed as the dress swayed away carelesslySmiley

22. Freida Pinto wardrobe malfunction: Freida Pinto's white inner wear saw the light of the day at public event, caught by a newspaper.Smiley

23. Shamita Shetty wardrobe malfunction: Shamita Shetty's wardrobe malfunction hit the headlines of a city tabloid. Dont know how Shamita's skirt rode up to cause a Britney Spear moment for the world to see, albeit momentarily.Smiley

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